Are You Willing To Announce Your Solitary Status With A Bracelet?

I have seen countless uncommon circumstances in my own decades invested exploring the on- and offline online dating companies, but this strikes me personally among the odder types.

Its called the MY Single Band, and it’s really a bracelet that promotes your own singlehood. Basically, this is the single man or woman’s same in principle as a wedding ring – an item of precious jewelry that identifies your own connection position and motivates or discourages methods from others. Except the colorful the solitary Bands don’t cost you nearly as much as a diamond.

“let’s say you could identify everyone that is single?” requires the Single industry. “The more we seriously considered the concept of identifying single men and women, more we understood the level to which we take a passive method to meeting others.” Online dating is actually helping singles take an even more proactive method to their own love lives, but off-line dating lacks methods that enable hookup and discourage passivity. “Through increased connectivity, our Single Band provides fortune, future and future a helping hand,” this site continues.

If it doesn’t currently seem like an over-the-top objective, just listen to exactly what the website’s designers, Rob teenage and Rina Mardahl, have to state. The pair claim that the silicon wristbands would be the “future of dating” and that, as long as they catch on, the solitary Bands tend to be positioned to get online dating bankrupt. Feels like a tall order, if you ask me. One that isn’t likely to break through anytime soon.

The theory is that, by wearing the Livestrong-esque the Single Band, you declare your own standing to the world hoping that a person will identify the wristband and start a conversation. It’s a great idea, but will it stand any probability of working in truth?

Enough involved (or hitched, for instance) women can testify that sporting a ring to their fingers does not do a lot to prevent males from approaching all of them. Exactly what are the probabilities that a brightly colored wristband does the opposite?

Next there’s the simple dilemma of recognition. Unless a lot of singles all of a sudden become aware of MY solitary Bands in addition to their relevance, they won’t be useful for any thing more than accessorizing. With a lot of comparable rubber wristbands available on the market, the solitary Bands could easily be seen erroneously as a bucketload of other items.

There is also the stigma situation. Internet dating lugged around a sense of embarrassment for many years, one which announcing your own accessibility via a bracelet can potentially adopt. The site’s owners are of the opinion their necklaces would shed those issues rapidly, but You will find my personal worries. I am just about all for including a tiny bit tone to my closet, but I do not think I’ll be utilizing it to find dates anytime soon.

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